Sky High - Govi

SKY HIGH (1988)

"I first heard Sky High shortly after it was released. Picture this: An uncrowded pure white Atlantic beach in mid-summer, sun glittering off the ocean, which was calm and 68 degrees and so clear aqua-blue that day and standing in water chest-high, I could see every detail of my feet. A swim, a beach chair, headphones, and this music - it was the PERFECT accompaniment to the scene. This is glorious music - light, energizing, heartlifting. Whenever you play it, you will be transported to a perfect day of sun and surf."

"I never really listened to Govi before until I stumbled on his music by pure luck. And I am indeed lucky! This album is wonderful. All of the songs are incredible and 'Just For You' is one of my favorites. Everytime this song plays - it doesn't matter what I'm doing - I have to stop and sit down because it completely takes me over. The experience of his music is one not to be missed."

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